Thought for the day

Thought for the day (adapted from an Adam Carolla metaphor…obviously from BJ)

Learning and living on the farm will be like a big gin rummy game. Start with the hand that is dealt to you and then slowly add and keep the things that are working, productive, and bring you joy, all the while not being afraid to discard things that don’t fit in with the greater mission or don’t work out the way you envisioned.  Your hand will always evolve into something better and will most certainly not ever end up how it started or how you could have foreseen, but a healthy dose of risk-taking combined with an intelligent, informed game plan will ensure that both the process and result will always be rewarding.

We know how to play some mean gin rummy, so this whole farm thing should be easy-peasy…according to Adam Carolla…

 If this is our Queen of Spades…

This is clearly the Ace! Hopefully, in the next few weeks we will have some updates about the King…chickens and goats!

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We are a sustainable family run farm in Upstate SC specializing in pasture-based animals/protein. "Nourish your body, excite your taste buds, give back to the earth."

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