I have a terrible memory. My sister can recall memories from our childhood that I just smile and nod as she recounts the details, wishing that I could remember things like she did.

As I was driving away from our new house the other evening (we have this beautiful 1/4 mile dirt road driveway lined with fruit trees and horses on both sides), I had this overwhelming desire to remember the moment. It was an ordinary moment, but it was filled with such intense emotions that I wanted to capture it here

We had just finished a 3 hour painting session in the master bedroom of the new place. It looked like this…

I know it’s difficult to see, but that my friends, is baby blue sponge painted walls. With a blue and white country pattern print VALANCE. That is what you call that, right?
If I had lots of money, I would also rip up the carpet, but let’s be honest, if I had lots of money, I wouldn’t be renovating a single wide 🙂 So, we painted the walls white. Like white white. The color is actually called “Moon Rise”. The true sign on a re-design, re-model expert is when she picks colors based of names…OH, that’s me!
So back to the whole remembering thing. So, we had just finished a 3 hour paint session. We were covered in paint and sweat (no AC yet folks). We did a bit of poking around the garden and were spent. I hopped in the Jeep to head back to the lakehouse and on the drive out (pics below of our driveway) is when the rush of feelings hit me. 

REMEMBER THIS MOMENT. Remember the feeling of working so hard for something you want. Remember the sweat and paint stains, but most of all remember the feeling of total fulfillment. Remember the feeling of your heart feeling like it’s overflowing with happiness. Happiness for what is to come, the future, but also the moment of realizing you made the right decision in moving back in with the rents to accomplish this next step 🙂
Alright, enough cheesiness. I promise more pics of the new place and some recipes soon. We’ve been cooking!

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