About Callywood Farms

Callywood Farms is a family run farm in Westminster, South Carolina offering animal welfare approved forest fed pork and pastured chicken, sustainably produced eggs, and heirloom vegetables that nourish your body, excite your taste buds, and give back to the earth. Click here to meet our animals and explore our offerings.

Our Beautiful Farm

Callywood Farms is on 15 acres of rich, wooden land. The property is lush with lots of water and vegetation, including three natural springs, one of which we dammed to create a pond. Our pond is stocked with fish and home to our seven ducks!

We have had to clear land to create space for living and farming, but all of the material cleared stays onsite to be used and given back to the soil.

Where is Callywood Farms located?

Callywood Farms is in Oconee County, the blue county at the northwest tip of South Carolina, and we are neighbors to both Georgia and North Carolina. The farm is part of the Southern Appalachian Region and in garden zone 7B.

Join us as we share what we do, how we do it, and our wonderful and beautiful lifestyle!

Meet your Farmers

Amanda and BJ met in college in Florida where they majored in really useful degrees like music and philosophy. After college they moved to Denver, Colorado and spent five years in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. It was while living in Denver they discovered their real passion … growing their own food.

Meanwhile, in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, 15 acres were begging for someone to come live and work them! And so, one day, relatively out of the blue, Amanda and BJ decided to take a chance. They moved back to the Eastern Mountains (let’s be honest, the better mountains) and figured out how to grow food in red clay, how to be self-sufficient, and maybe, just maybe how to be farmers … with overalls, boots, and a real farmer hat. That is all it takes, right?

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