The Embodied Kitchen Studio

The Embodied Kitchen Studio is a joint yoga and food workshop that aims to give novice to intermediate yoga and home cooks a solid backbone to develop yoga and cooking practices without the confines of yoga videos or recipes. The series is hosted by Renee Gahan of Renee Gahan Yoga and Amanda Callahan of Callywood Farms, yogi and foodie friends who believe deeply in creating home practices for both.

How we can develop our own skills that celebrate the seasons and nourish our bodies?

What is The Embodied Kitchen Studio?

The Embodied Kitchen Studio offers time to explore, seek, and experiment with what we are doing in our humanness, in our way of life, in our yoga practice, and in our kitchen. By taking the spirit of studio time as kitchen time, we can make the bridge stronger between our yoga practice and how we are at the very heart of the home – the kitchen. We can discover what heals us in yoga and in the kitchen, what sustains us, and what nourishes us, so that we can offer these very same things to the people around us – a healing, supportive and nourishing presence.

Workshops Aligned with the Four Seasons

The Embodied Kitchen Studio aims to facilitate your growth through a carefully curated structure alongside the four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. Each season offers three workshops:

  • Month 1:
    • Yoga: seed movement
    • Food: Seasonal ingredients, how to source them, how to cook them
  • Month 2:
    • Yoga: posture exploration
    • Food: kitchen techniques
  • Month 3:
    • Yoga: building a sequence
    • Food: Gather to showcase the seasonal ingredients and dishes and celebrate. After our yoga practice we will set a table to celebrate the season. Participants are invited to bring a dish or craft/decor to celebrate in style!

Meet the Hosts

Renee Gahan

Renee is a yoga and meditation instructor at Clemson University. She teaches at the intersections of mindfulness and psychology, functional movement and yoga asana, breathwork and liberating insight. Her practice and teachings from the beginning have been about coming home to the self, embodiment, and living with grace.

Amanda Callahan

Amanda is a self taught cook who decided to start farming to feed her intense desire to cook good food. She and her husband manage pork, poultry, mushrooms, and vegetables. Amanda’s food interests revolve around foraging and cooking wild foods, sourdough baking (and ancient grains), and the preservation (particularly fermentation) of home grown food.

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