There are other various farm animals that help us maintain a beautiful and functional farm that don’t necessarily produce products to eat!

Our most beloved pets, Jade (on left) and Rigby (right). They’ve been with us for a while and Rigby is single-handedly responsible for the fact we haven’t lost a chicken to a predator yet. At least that’s our theory. Jade is a mini-schnauzer. Her bark is way worse than her bite. Rigby is a rescued Great Dane. She loves fluffy pillows, sunlight, and any attention.

The top ten since being back in SC! GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Meet Levon and Amor. They are two very lively farm cats. They love to snuggle, play with farm baby, and enjoy long walks on the farm just like dogs. They are in short, absolutely hilarious.

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We have various other birds including ducks, guinea, pheasants, and quail.