About our pigs

We are raising a heritage breed, Gloucestershire Old Spot, or commonly referred to as Old Spots. For local folks, we worked with Roundabout Livestock, to start our pigs here at Callywood Farms.IMG_6139

Our pigs are raised in a large fenced area. They have access to shade, pasture, root crops, and all the acorns they can eat. We do supplement with grain feed. Our grain feed is locally grown, non-GMO feed, when available.

Half Hog Share

Getting a half hog share is a wonderful way to reduce your grocery bill, stock your freezer full of local, humanely-raised meat, and take a stab at eating tail-to-snout!

First thing you need to consider before signing up is do you have a freezer? If not, you need to buy one. A half of a pig takes a lot of room. It will not fit in a standard freezer on the side/top of your fridge. You need to have a separate freezer that has plenty of room.

Second, reduce my grocery bill? Yes! Have you witnessed the rising cost of bacon or had a hard time finding a pork roast without the use of antibiotics? A half hog share from us guarantees your freezer is filled with humanely-raised pork. Pigs that have a large space to roam and graze. They have been raised with access to pasture and root crops for their digging pleasure. They have been fed things like whey from local farms, spent grains from the beer brewing process, and given a lot of attention and love. You can’t really find that at the grocery store. In addition to that, you will pay a flat per pound amount based on the hanging weight of your specific hog. While it will be a larger up front cost, in the long run, purchasing in bulk, you will be saving money.


Getting a half hog share is as adventurous as you want it to be. If you are just the standard pork lover and want thick pork chops, bacon, sausage, and a boston butt, you got it! You can get order your meat to your exact specification. Whether it’s 3/4″ or 1″ chops, wrapped in packs of 2 or 4. You will have total control over how your share will be cut and wrapped. You can even get all sausage if your heart desires!


But getting a half hog share allows you to be a little more adventurous too! If you want to try things like making your own sausage, curing your own pork belly, rendering lard, or even trying head cheese or pate, here is your chance! You can literally eat a pig tail-to-snout and get every scrap of your share. And we are here to help. We have experimented with every part of our pigs. They are delicious and so much fun for the adventurous cook. We hope to share recipes and maybe even some classes at the farm for some of these more advanced cooking ideas.



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