Private Chef Experience

What’s included in your Private Chef experience?

  • Menu planning to suite your needs, guests, and dietary preferences – Amanda excels in creating creative and unique menus. You’ll be sure to get something that’s one of a kind, festive, and approachable for all. While Amanda is an animal farmer, she is very flexible in cooking for various diets: vegan, vegetarian, paleo, organic, etc. She is skilled at gluten free baking and cooking, so every request or restriction will be carefully planned for. Amanda’s meals go beyond any run-of-the-mill generic catering experience to ensure a personal and intentional meal and experience.
  • Grocery shopping and sourcing as much as possible from local farms – As a farmer herself, this is truly part of the unique experience you get when hiring Amanda. She has ongoing relationships with produce, dairy, and meat farmers elevating the ingredients for your meal.
  • Home baked breads, desserts, and more – An accomplished sourdough baker, you’ll be signing up for all sorts of made from scratch breads, cakes, and breakfast items.
  • On site/at home preparation of food – Amanda creates the meals on site. This adds to the ambiance and smell of your event! In addition you’ll be sure you’re receiving fresh and delicious meals.
  • Beautiful presentation of food
  • Basic cleanup of cooking, dishes, kitchen area after – The site will be left the way it was found!

Booking your Private Chef experience…

First of all, contact Amanda now (form below)! Get your date on her calendar as soon as possible. Menu preparation, baking, and ordering from local farms takes time, so start the process as early as you can.

You might also be wondering about cost. Each event and meal is different, so providing an upfront cost is difficult. However, generally Amanda charges an hourly private chef fee, in addition to reimbursement for ingredients/travel.

“I’ve worked with many different chefs through the years as I’ve hosted domestic yoga retreats & Amanda is by far the best! She creates a very creative & thoughtful menu, sources much of her food from her own farm/surrounding area, is a pleasure to work with & the quality of her food is unsurpassed! The delicious, creative & beautiful food she provides on my retreats is always a HUGE highlight of the retreat & I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. Her passion is palpable, her attention to detail is immaculate & her knowledge is vast. Run, don’t walk to hire Amanda!”

– Cortney Ostroski, Yoga Retreat Leader