Products + Pricing

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Animal Welfare Approved, Forest Fed Pork

Item/CutPrice $/lb.
Sausage – Breakfast, Italian, Plain$7.00
Pork Chops$10.00
Pork Belly (slab, uncured)$7.00
Boston Butt/Leg Roast$6.00
Spare Ribs$6.00
Loin Roast$10.00
Leaf lard$4.00
Fat back$3.00

Animal Welfare Approved, Pastured Chicken

Item/CutPrice $/lb.
Whole Roasting Chicken$5/lb.

Homemade Baked Items

Spelt Sourdough Artisan Loaf$8.00
Granola$5-6.00 per 10oz bag
Holiday Biscotti$5/bag

Custom Orders

CakesPrice varies based on ingredients and size