Cooking Workshops

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Hi, I’m Amanda, a farmer and home cook that is passionate about good food, where it comes from, and how it’s cooked! I’ve been growing my own food, cooking from scratch, and meal planning for my family for years. I’d love to share knowledge with you with the sole purpose of creating a vibrant, thriving, local food system (wherever you are!). Come learn with me the basics of eating seasonal, local, and how to grow your skills in the kitchen!

Sourdough Workshop

Do you want to learn the art of sourdough but don’t know where to start? This workshop is a great place to start your sourdough journey!

In this workshop, we will cover the sourdough process from beginning to end:

  • Sourdough starter
  • Maintaining your starter
  • Choosing flour and grains
  • Basic sourdough boule recipe (and adaptations)
  • Creating tension when shaping
  • Making sourdough fit your schedule 
  • Baking and scoring loaves

This workshop is appropriate for all levels, whether your a sourdough newbie, have a starter and don’t know what to do with it, or need some assitance troubleshooting your baking process. 

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